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Welcome to Modern Austin Living

Welcome to Modern Austin Living: A Blog By Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors, a modern furniture store serving Austin, Texas

Since 1971, we’ve been a proud locally-owned modern furniture store serving the Austin, Texas design community and now, 48 years later, are thrilled to be launching Modern Austin Living: A Blog by Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors. Consider this blog an extension of our in-store experience. We’re your trusted guides in interior design. We’re here to inspire you – to help you create the modern or contemporary home of your dreams...

We’ll be writing on a variety of topics every month – from design tips to décor trends and lifestyle benefits (we can’t wait to dig into the hygge philosophy with all of you!), as well as information on the latest news, events and specials happening in-store and online. But before we go into all of that, we thought we’d take this moment to introduce ourselves. Because when you shop at Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors, you’re not going to have a standard customer service experience. When you shop with us, you can expect to feel valued and informed. We are here to make you feel heard and welcome.

Our team of Design Consultants doesn’t just help you design beautiful spaces; we help you design spaces for the way that you live. We believe modern furniture can be stylish and comfortable; luxurious and approachable; sophisticated and refined, but still cozy and functional. Our design inspiration is rooted in the Danish Modern Movement – clean lines and sleek silhouettes are a hallmark of our collection, but our commitment to fine furniture goes even deeper. We search the world over for home, dining room, living room, bedroom and office furniture that is on-trend, modern and contemporary but also timeless, always keeping style, quality and sustainability at the center of our focus.

We’ve received a lot of questions over the past nearly five decades. Clients come to our modern furniture store wanting to know the specifics of a particular collection, or our recommendations on the best centerpiece for a particular room. They ask us for our advice on color selections or fabric matching, or which leather is best for their lifestyle and whether a particular wood is durable enough to last in a house full of young children. They want to know about the benefits to a Stressless recliner, or the difference between a Brandt and Bryson Comfort Sleeper. Some of our customers are passionate connoisseurs of modern design, but many of them are new to the movement, drawn in by the luxurious finishings, and clean and stylish aesthetic.

Modern Austin Living is a blog for every one of you – whether you’re new to the modern furniture community or a lifelong fan of its design philosophy. Consider this an extension of our in-store customer service experience. This blog will be a champion of modern design, but it’s also meant to be a resource for your most pressing interior décor quandaries. Ask questions in the comments section. Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or drop us a line at our email address. We’re here for you.

You can expect to learn a lot through Modern Austin Living, but you can also anticipate having a lot of fun scrolling through our blog, too. We’re not just experts on modern furniture and design, we’re also major fans of it! So, we’ll take every opportunity to share all of the pieces, collections and trends that we’re loving right now. Hopefully, you’ll leave our site with plenty of design inspiration to turn your décor dreams into a reality.

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