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SKANDINAVIA Furniture Service and Delivery Information

SKANDINAVIA has a 50 year tradition of customer satisfaction and quality service. If you have any post delivery inquiries or service requests please complete our Service Request Form


Furniture Delivery Information:

SKANDINAVIA has an excellent in house White Glove Delivery Team to provide customers with the most convenient, efficient and professional delivery service available. Our dispatcher will contact you about delivery of your furniture. Under normal circumstances, we will deliver your furniture within 2-3 working days in the Austin Metro area. Other deliveries might take a bit longer. If you have any questions, please call (512) 837-4159 or see store for details.

For Your Convenience and Safety:

1. Remove all obstacles from walkways leading to the house and all doors, hallways, and stairways in the house.
2. Have a mat at the door for the delivery crew to wipe their feet. For safety reasons they cannot remove their shoes.
3. Have room cleared for your new furniture before the delivery crew arrives. They cannot disassemble or remove old furniture. Nor are they permitted to disconnect or connect electronic equipment. (It is helpful to have extension cords handy when receiving wall unit or beds. Once assembled, we do not recommend that you move the furniture to reach electrical outlets.)
4. All deliveries are C.O.D. unless you have other arrangements noted on the original invoice or it is paid in full.

Service Policy:

1. Please report problems related to your delivered furniture within five days of delivery. Problems reported within five days of delivery will be serviced at no charge to the customer. This, of course, does not apply if the customer is responsible for the damage.
2. SKANDINAVIA offers one year free service for problems due to design, workmanship, defective parts or mechanical systems. Customer must live at the same address that appears on the original invoice to receive no charge service.
3. Minor repair on items can often be done for little or no charge if you bring in your furniture to our store. If extensive work is needed, the charge will be determined by our service person. If customer abuse or age is the fault and parts must be ordered, they must be prepaid.
4. We guarantee upholstered furniture to be free of manufacturing defects for one year to the original purchaser. Any defect due to faulty construction will be apparent in that time. This included: Frames and springs, motion mechanism, filling materials loss of resiliency or shifting, loss of filling through a seam, integrity of seams and stitching. We do not warrantee fabric for wear, fading, pilling or shrinkage.
5. For little or no charge, SKANDINAVIA can do minor customizing of merchandise before delivery. Examples include holes drilled for wires and cutouts for televisions or stereo equipment. The Service person will determine the price for major work such as structural changes, staining, painting, etc. This work will carry a $100 minimum charge and is non-refundable.
6. SKANDINAVIA will deliver all clearance merchandise in condition purchased.
7. If we deliver an in-stock product to you on approval there will be a charge of $60 per item that is returned. No additional delivery fee. If delivery occurred out side of the Austin delivery area the first item would be charged at the original delivery fee and all remaining items at a $60 per item charge.