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Service Request

*Please read through carefully BEFORE completing and submitting form and PLEASE NOTE THAT REPLIES CAN TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS.

Even the best furniture can succumb to a repair need at times! Before you continue with this claim form, please have your original Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors sales invoice handy. This was provided to you at the time of purchase and/or at the time of delivery in your delivery packet and will have the information we need to help you out.

Check your invoice to see if you purchased a Gold Plan Warranty from Guardsman. Valid for 5 years from your delivery date, this warranty will
cover most ‘oops’ problems (stains, breakage, even mechanical issues). If you do have a plan and your problem qualifies (see your warranty registration information), please follow up
here. Be prepared to explain what caused the damage/stain/etc. Guardsman responds to specifics.

If your problem is more inherent to the product, please continue with the form below. Please complete the form in its entirety. Some vendors are very specific in what they require before we can pursue a warranty claim or order parts. Most vendors require photos (or videos) of the problem as well as copies of the label.

If you have taken possession of your product within the last 12 months and it was not sold on clearance / as is, we will make every effort to help you provide what the vendor will need to fulfill their warranty requirements. If your purchase was over 12 months ago, it may still be under warranty; however, every vendor has different warranty periods for their products (even for different aspects of the product, i.e. covers vs frames vs mechanical components). Factory warranties cover parts but not labor. Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors will do what we can to assist you within the manufacturer’s warranty; we just want you to know that labor or travel costs are not covered.

For a purchase older than 12 months and/or outside of the vendor’s warranty period, there will be a $150 evaluation fee for service visits within the Austin area or a $49 evaluation fee if you are able to bring the product to us. If the service required is outside of Austin, the fee will be determined by Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors’ customer service manager.

Note that service requests are answered in the order they are received by the preferred method indicated, providing all information is accurate and complete, and in order of ‘emergency’. Purchases made within 12 months will take priority over older purchases.

Replies may take up to TWO WEEKS from initial form completion. You will receive an auto reply from Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors with additional information and instructions. Calling will not speed up the process as we are replying in the order that service requests are received and in order of emergency. Please be sure to check your spam folder too. Thank you for your patience.