Comfort Sleeper By American Leather

A beautiful modern sofa by day, a welcoming bed at night, our American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sofas will change everything you think you know about sofa beds. Our modern sleeper sofas appeal to your stylish side and your guest’s comfort, too. Featuring clean lines and hundreds of leather, Ultrasuede and fabric options, there’s, something to suit just about anyone’s taste.

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American Leather Sleepers

American Leather Sleepers


American Leather Outlet Austin

American Leather is a relative newcomer to the furniture industry in the United States.  Young they may be, but formidable they are!  They have a unique take on luxury furniture manufacturing that has allowed them to garner a lot of respect and trust in the furniture world that is typically only reserved for companies that have decades more experience.  With a vision for quality craftsmanship, top quality products, unique designs, short shipping times, and environmentally conscious – it’s easy to see why they’re the leader they are today.

American Leather Sofas in Austin TexasAmerican Leather was founded on the idea that great furniture can be created in weeks.  Some people want a custom designed set that’s totally unique to their home; others want something that’s unique that they can have in a number of places.  Regardless of their thinking here, nobody wants to wait for months for the order to be fulfilled.  Founded in 1990, American Leather realized that with today’s technology, great pieces can be produced either by short order or in mass in a matter of weeks.  Utilizing modern “just-in-time” logistics and manufacturing processes, they have the ability to ship custom pieces in as little as three weeks from when the order is placed.  Companies like Affina Hotels, The Denihan Hospitality Group, Omni Hotels, and others have come to appreciate American Leather’s ability to deliver a mass quantity of furniture in a shorter amount of time than other furniture manufacturers.  In just a few short years, they’ve been able to create more than 130 different collections into 650 different stores across the country. 

For every human, the environment is critically important, and American Leather is a leader in the environmental stewardship movement.  Realizing that we need to do things smarter and better than we historically have, the environment has a high priority in their ecosystem.  As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), they’ve help draft some of the furniture industry’s most important standards.  All frames are crafted from woods that are harvested forests that are sustainable – every ounce of scrap lumber is recycled for other projects or other uses.  All of the 25 different leathers they use are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and colored with water based pigments.  Any scraps that are left over from your project are re-sold for smaller leather based goods. 

Continuing their commitment to environmentally friendly ways, the foams that American Leather uses are based on BiOH Polyols.  Typically derived using a wide variety of techniques from vegetable oils, BiOH Polyols are environmentally friendly polyurethanes that honor the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002.  One manufacturer of BiOH Polyols estimates that even the processes used to create the Polyols produces 36% less global warming emissions reduces energy non-renewable energy use by around 61% which nets a total reduction in energy use by 23%.

American Leather Sleeper Sofas in Austin TexasIn addition to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, employees are encouraged to recycle, the factory uses an automated lighting system that reduces power consumption, and their location in the South Central United States means that they can ship furniture with less environmental impact than most other manufacturers.

Everything about American Leather exists so that they can craft fine furniture products for you.  Building pieces that have long life spans is their top mission.  Using advanced machinery, they have the ability to create parts that fit tightly together with extremely narrow tolerances. This alone reduces weight and increases strength.  All parts crafted from plywood use industrial grade glues.  Cavities found in frames are covered with chipboard that is 1/8” thick.  This chipboard exists to prevent cave-ins of the covering and helps make the frame sturdier for decades.

To help your pieces maintain comfort over time, American Leather uses a uni-directional webbed suspension seating system.  This unique system is created using latex rubber filaments that are fully wrapped in polypropylene yarn which protects the latex and prevents oxidation.  This then allows the rubber strands to be woven into wide strips, giving each seat its own independent suspension that has a higher consistency than other systems used in popular furniture lines today.  Cushioning is created for each individual frame – custom crafted from high quality foams and or down.  Mixes of the two are created to give the most amount of comfort possible over decades of use.  Especially nice, if you feel like you need extra support, they can provide that for you!

You can see that American Leather has made a great name for itself in just a few short years.  That’s why we carry their line here at Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors.  High quality pieces for the discerning buyer that are environmentally friendly and use top of the line manufacturing products make American Leather a product of pride in our showroom. 


American Leather Fine Furniture Patterns for Skandinavia Texas in Austin


Just Some Of The Features Our American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sofas Included Are:

Ultimate Sleep Experience

See why our Comfort Sleeper sofa at Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors is like no other!

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