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Avalon Swivel Chair
2 Avalon Swivel Chair
Mortiz G Romano print

Avalon Swivel Chair

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Stocked in Grade B Fabric Mortiz Granite.
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Material: Grade B Fabric / Moritz Granite

Color: Grade B Fabric / Moritz Granite
Moritz Granite

Avalon Swivel Chair Description

Avalon Swivel Chair: Unparalleled Style and Comfort

The AVALON swivel chair stands as a timeless best-seller, effortlessly marrying style and function. Its sleek, compact design and exceptional comfort make it an excellent choice for modern to transitional homes. With a diverse array of fabric options, and the option of a coordinating ottoman, it seamlessly adapts to your personal taste and space.

Discover unparalleled style and comfort with the AVALON Swivel Chair. Elevate your living space with this exquisite piece of furniture, blending modern design and functionality. Explore a wide range of fabric options and experience the artistry of G. Romano's craftsmanship in Montreal, Canada. Redefine your space with the perfect seating solution.