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Stressless Furniture: A New Kind of Furniture Company

We are proud to feature the Stressless Furniture line, a luxury furniture line manufactured in Norway and famous for comfort and beauty. The mission of this furniture line is to build luxury furniture with practical function in fun, creative ways.

Rethinking the Living Room

Called the “innovators of comfort,” this Norwegian luxury furniture line prides itself on creatively furnishing your home or office without sacrificing design or comfort. Take a look at the Stressless Sofa line, for example. With both low-back and high-back options, your design aesthetic can easily be accommodated, but what other furniture line can offer you comfort options like adjustable headrests? You’ll have a variety of options, with a wide selection of shapes, colors, and arrangements that will not only look beautiful in your home but will also be the most comfortable sofa you’ve ever purchased.

Reinventing the Recliner

This fine furniture line is not just focused on reimagining your sofa. Since 1971, they’ve been building the best recliners with the most unique functions anywhere. If you’re anti-recliner, perhaps because you don’t believe they fit into a modern design or because you don’t believe they can last for years, Stressless Furniture invites you to think again. Built with the highest degree of excellence in mind, our recliners offer a decade-long warranty on the internal mechanisms, meaning that your recliner can be long-term investment.

Redecorating the Office

We believe that the comfort you find in your home should extend to your office. Fine furniture shouldn’t only be available in your living room—you need ultimate comfort at work as well. The most important thing in your office is your chair. Our twelve different office options offers you quality design and superb comfort--luxury furniture for your 9 to 5. Crafted from superb leathers with an emphasis on ergonomic design, these office chairs will make working feel more like relaxing.

Reimagining the Home Theater

For the movie lover, the home theater is the most important room in the home. Furnishing it with pieces that are not only practical but also thoughtful is essential. Stressless Furniture does just that, with the world’s finest theater seating collections that work to improve some common problems. Our luxury furniture options, including specially angled tables to help remove square sightlines, will help improve the viewing experience. Watching movies will never feel as comfortable or impressive as with this luxury furniture.

Renewing the Environment

Healthy. Sustainable. Friendly. The Stressless Furniture commitment is not just to the customer; their commitment extends to the environment as well. They have been on a quest to find healthier, more sustainable ways to create fine furniture. That quest has led them to rework their entire design and manufacturing process, searching out textiles that are more environmentally friendly and processes that will leave a less damaging footprint on our world.

One of the ways this progressive luxury furniture company is demonstrating their commitment to the environment is through their participation in the Global Compact Initiative. To participate in the GC, a company must commit to the initiative’s rigorous environmental standards. In order to accomplish this, the company must be deeply committed to principles of environmental leadership, from the CEO and Board down to the entry-level employee. The values of the Global Compact Initiative must be incorporated into the business strategies and corporate culture of participating businesses, trickling down to affect daily decisions. Companies contribute to the discussion and evolution of new environmental ideas through their business practices, advocacy, and charitable partnerships, transparently disclosing their own environmental practices through public reports and self-assessments. Finally, Stressless Furniture and their GC partners actively advocate for the environmental initiatives they participate in among their competitors, vendors, business partners, customers, and to the public. Their commitment to the Global Compact Initiative and its rigorous approach to environmental education and change makes them one of the few luxury furniture companies that puts their commitment first.

Revising the Furniture Industry

A history of fine furniture and a commitment to environmental concerns makes Stressless Furniture a quality company of integrity. Their willingness to reinvent their company’s policies to protect a fragile ecosystem makes them a guilt-free choice for any consumer who wants great furniture with a sustainable, ethical impact. Their creative, comfortable approach to home furnishings, combined with their quality craftsmanship, means that their furniture pieces are not only superior but also long lasting. Choosing one of these pieces is an investment in long-lasting comfort and design, quality workmanship, and sound environmental principles.

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