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Family Owned Copeland Furniture Builds For a Lifetime

Family owned Copeland Furniture, headquartered in Bratford, Vermont, focuses on creating luxury furniture for the home or office that will last a lifetime. Their modern styles are far from trendy; they are the kinds of pieces that look better with age and become sought after family heirlooms. Copeland Furniture has combined this love of beautiful fine furniture with an environmental awareness that each piece is not only thoughtfully created but perfect for the responsible consumer.

Copeland Furniture Designs Stunning Modern Luxury Furniture that Lasts

Copeland Furniture embraces a New England work ethic and design aesthetic, creating luxury modern furniture pieces that offer not just beauty but durability. What does a New England work ethic look like? You’ll find quality craftsmanship that is core of..... Their design aesthetic is informed by several quintessentially New England influences, including Arts & Crafts and Shaker, along with Scandinavian and Mission styles. Vermont’s rich architectural and design history creates a rich environment for furniture design, as well as tremendous inspiration to their designers and builders. Building beautiful things that last for generations isn’t just something this company does in a factory; it’s a part of their culture, lifestyle, and mission.

Copeland Furniture Believes in Sustainability

Copeland Furniture is not interested in environmental responsibility because it’s trendy; they don’t use cute leaf stickers on their products simply so that you will believe they are “green.” Their commitment to sustainability and corporate environmental consciousness is found at every level. It begins with the company’s love of nature. You’ll often find designers, builders, and managers enjoying the stunning Vermont countryside, hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and otherwise connecting with the world that they live in. When you love and appreciate nature on that level, it’s an easy step to commit to protecting it.

The first step these luxury fine furniture builders have taken in their efforts to become more effective environmental stewards is to become Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Companies who make this commitment are audited annually to ensure that the lumber they use comes from forests that are: a) not genetically modified; b) have no real conservation significance; and c) are not threatened. In addition, they has been awarded Silver Exemplary Membership Status by the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), a rare achievement. The Silver Exemplary Membership Status is conferred on recipients only if they’ve met a high threshold of environmental responsibility, including using no less than 15% wood that is FSC certified, ensuring that they are using bio-based or recycled materials in other, non lumber-based products, completing a Carbon Footprint Report detailing energy usage, and positively influencing suppliers with their environmental ethics.

While they have accomplished these feats in their factories and business. They also have incorporated water-based finishes that are just as effective as traditional lacquers but which significantly reduce emissions. This luxury furniture brand is constantly aware of and reworking their own methods, assessing their suppliers, and working to find ways to make their brand as environmentally responsible as possible.

Copeland Furniture is committed to creating beautiful furniture that endures. Whether you are looking for luxury furniture that suits your bedroom, dining room, office, home theater, Copeland Furniture offers fine modern furniture lines in a variety of timeless designs that will impress for generations and sustain the environment for many more.



Shop all Copeland Funiture Here