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When it comes to modern leather furniture that’s both functional and fashionable, American Leather reigns supreme. Their expert craftsmanship, which relies on advanced Japanese manufacturing technologies, is done locally right here in Texas. The result? Stunning, high-quality leather furniture pieces ranging from stylish modern sofa beds to recliners and custom sectionals. What’s more, American Leather’s award-winning design team, a strong commitment to sustainability, and philanthropic endeavors make them a key leader in the industry we are proud to support.


Like many small businesses, American Leather was born out of a passion for improving an inefficient system. Co-founder Bob Duncan bootstrapped the company when he was just 26-years-old after being disappointed in how furniture is typically made. With a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Austin, Texas, and background in helping other companies innovate their production process, Duncan applied his knowledge to modern furniture design and in 1990, American Leather was born.

“Everything about our process—then as well as today—was designed to be as efficient as possible, making only one of something at a time,” Duncan said in an interview with Dallas Magazine. While typically, custom furniture takes anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks to manufacture, American Leather furniture operates on significantly shorter lead times; that means designing, crafting and shipping out that custom leather sofa to your home in 4-6 weeks, making them the fastest in the industry.

Duncan always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and by implementing lean manufacturing technologies and partnering with an all-star design team, American Leather has grown from a company of just four employees to now employing more than 400 people.


Beauty. Durability. Expert craftsmanship. These elements are the essence of American Leather, where you can have a made-to-order custom piece of furniture in your home in a matter of weeks. This efficiency is achieved by using advanced manufacturing technologies including laser cutting leather patterns, allowing skilled specialists to devote quality time to enhancing the finer details. It’s a magical combination of computerized tech and handcrafted care.

American Leather has partnered with some of the industry’s leading designers for fashion-forward furniture that’s sleek, modern and will enhance any room. The Luxe, by John Charles Designs, is a sophisticated sofa collection featuring a tufted design on a solid hardwood frame; The Nash, by John Mashceroni, exudes elegance with its clean lines and supple leather or fabric options.

In addition to working with extraordinary designers, American Leather sources the highest quality materials to produce its pieces. So you can be sure that American Leather furniture piece is not only striking, it’s built to last. With hundreds of supple leathers to choose from and hundreds of stunning fabric choices, it’s easy to customize your American Leather furniture to suit your style and your space.


American Leather is fully committed to green initiatives and founded the Sustainable Furniture Council, a non-profit devoted to promoting eco-friendly practices in the furniture industry. What makes a furniture company sustainable? It’s the practice of producing products in an environmentally friendly way, which includes minimizing waste, carbon emissions, and implementing a recycling program. Other ways in which American Leather is green includes using 100% recycled scrap wood, water-based pigments for the leather and offering 25 eco-friendly leather options which are completely biodegradable. Even the American Leather factory practices energy conservation with auto-shut off lights; its Dallas location means a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

In addition to these eco-friendly practices, American Leather has partnered with American Forests to plant two trees for every purchase made from the American Leather Walnut Collection. The mid-century-inspired collection features beautiful walnut in each design; some of our favorites include the Aaron Chair, a true statement piece available in a solid walnut or ash base, and the Edison Bench, a versatile beauty featuring button tufting and slanted legs.

American Leather also keeps philanthropy as a core component of their business with a college scholarship fund of $50,000 given away annually to employees’ children.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish recliner to relax in, a modern comfort sleeper for your living room, a sleek sectional for your family or a contemporary statement chair to spruce up your space, American Leather has more than 350 pieces of beautiful modern furniture to choose from. With clean lines and a luxurious look and feel, American Leather products are built to last.


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